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Our Story

Modutec B.V. was founded in 2010 by brothers Marco and Alexander Hazebroek. Growing up in their father’s workshop, technique was introduced at an early age. Having their own technical business was a logical next step. 
Meanwhile Modutec has become a well known name in the world of e-mobility and electrical enginering. Reliability and flexibility are our main focus. We work according to deal’s a deal and will always be sure to come up with a solution. 

Modutec is specialized in sustainable techniques in the electrical domain. Our specialization in electric vehicles has been our main focus.

Our fields of expertise are Electrical Maintenance & Safety, Installation Engineering, IT networking, Charge Point Configurations, Independent Installation Inspections, Electrical Measurements and General Electricity (AC & DC).

We offer the best service for our clients and their customers. So far we’ve helped up to 30k customers. 


At Modutec the customer is central. We do everything we can to offer you, as well as the end user, the best possible experience.

Our team of specialists has many years of experience in electrical engineering. In addition, they are well trained and have a thorough knowledge safety, norms and regulations. We work according to the legal standards and all installations are delivered according to the requirements of the NEN 1010 and NEN 3140. 

To be extra sure our quality is at the highest level true all our specialists we are a ISO9001 certified company since 2020. 

Staying Up to Date & Sustainability

By regularly carrying out spot checks, we stay informed about the installation quality of your product. Possible problems, e.g. with a new product, can thus be identified more easily.

We are committed to sustainability. This is reflected in everything we do. Only high quality and future proof solutions are delivered by us.

Our Team

We have a specialized team of e-mobility engineers. We’re open to grow our team.

Do you want to be part of this future?

Are you a problem solver and interested in technical challenges? Join our team!

We’re open to discuss training and educating new members. Don’t hesitate send us an email with your questions and/or story & résumé to INFO@MODUTEC.NL


Acquisition as a result of this advertisement is not appreciated.