We offer services that inspect your installed base according to specified terms and conditions. These services are conducted on a fixed schedule and plan. The Modutec team performs inspections independently

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High-quality inspections

We carry out the following inspections:

  • Checking electrical installations and charging stations to ensure that these installations and charging stations comply with the applicable safety and quality standards.
  • Checking (public) charging stations for functionality.
  • Checking (public) charging stations for safety and compliance.
  • Checking (public) charging stations for vandalism and graffiti.
  • Checking the correct branding.
  • Determining the available capacity of a grid connection for charging stations.

Modutec assures you of:

  • An inspection plan with fixed elements and the desired key performance indicators.
  • Certified engineers who carry out the inspection.
  • A complete report based on the key performance indicators.
  • An action plan in which any improvements are presented.
  • We can perform inspections on an annual basis if preferred, or as a one-time service.

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Maintenance & Service by Modutec

Our processes and systems are certified by the prescribed organizations. Our employees are fully educated and trained to meet the quality requirements of our customers.


The equipment and tools meet the legal requirements so that we have optimally guaranteed safety at your locations and our location.

Knowledge & skills

We fully train our employees so that we can optimally fulfill the agreements we have made with our customers.


We report our activities, customers always have insight into our performance. We offer our customers insight into our performance so that we can achieve further improvements together.

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