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We understand better than anyone that efficient and effective service is an absolute necessity in today's times. Being unable to utilize your charging stations (AC and DC) due to an unexpected malfunction or power outage is inconvenient. A malfunction can result in electric vehicles (EVs) and thus operations being completely or partially halted, with significant (financial) consequences.

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For operators and manufacturers

Our maintenance and service offerings provide added value for charging point operators and manufacturers. Optimizing availability is of utmost importance to our clients. They rely on predictable and reliable service to ensure operational stability.

Modutec assures you of:

  • Fast response times.
  • Prompt resolution of issues.
  • 24/7 technical support hotline.
  • Immediate action in emergencies and hazardous situations.

Regular maintenance prevents costly disruptions to your charging infrastructure and extends the lifespan of charging points. We offer contracts for both ad hoc service and routine maintenance. Our certified engineers (our team) carry out the maintenance tasks.

Your installation is in good hands

Your installation is in good hands with Modutec.

We conduct thorough checks on the charging point and the associated electrical installation of the building to proactively identify any issues.

We repair the charger by:

  • Replacing parts.
  • Adjusting the configuration (settings).
  • Modifying the electrical installation.

When performing these tasks, we always seek a sound, sustainable solution that is both safe and reliable. We exclusively utilize approved and, where necessary, calibrated high-quality tools. With experience spanning a wide range of brands and types of charging stations, we maintain chargers installed both at homes or businesses and those situated in public spaces.

Maintenance & Service by Modutec
Maintenance & Service by Modutec means

Our processes and systems are certified by the prescribed organizations. Our employees are fully educated and trained to meet the quality requirements of our customers.

Knowledge & skills

We fully train our employees so that we can optimally fulfill the agreements we have made with our customers.


The equipment and tools meet the legal requirements so that we have optimally guaranteed safety at your locations and our location.


We report our activities, customers always have insight into our performance. We offer our customers insight into our performance so that we can achieve further improvements together.

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