Modutec is VCA** certified to ensure the safety of our employees. Furthermore, all our personnel are certified in accordance with the NEN1010 and NEN3140 standards for electrical installations. Our tools undergo regular inspection and calibration as needed.

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Ensuring safety

The importance and prevalence of electrical installations are significantly increasing. Electrical installations can be found in every home, at every business location, as well as along highways and in parking garages.

To ensure safety, it's crucial that an electrical installation complies with the relevant standards and requirements. Modutec can measure and inspect any electrical installation. We utilize installation testers, power loggers, and specially developed techniques.

We're capable of determining the energy demand of your installation, whether at home, in the workplace, or any other location. For up to 45 days, we install our measuring equipment on your electrical installation. We record energy consumption, determine your maximum required capacity, and identify any sources of leakage or energy wastage.

You will receive a detailed report containing:

  • An analysis of your maximum energy requirement and insight into the distribution per phase.
  • A report on harmonic distortion caused by electronic loads and an overview of any voltage fluctuations.
  • Advice on power quality issues caused by non-harmonic currents that may damage or disrupt your equipment.
  • Voltage phenomena, as voltage fluctuations in your installation can lead to malfunctions and interventions in your electrical system.

Additionally, the report may include advice on installing new electrical consumers, implementing energy-saving measures, and adjusting your capacity tariff.

These measures are aimed at increasing the safety of your installation and maximizing the availability of your installations.

Maintenance & Service by Modutec
Maintenance & Service by Modutec means

Our processes and systems are certified by the prescribed organizations. Our employees are fully educated and trained to meet the quality requirements of our customers.


The equipment and tools meet the legal requirements so that we have optimally guaranteed safety at your locations and our location.

Knowledge & skills

We fully train our employees so that we can optimally fulfill the agreements we have made with our customers.


We report our activities, customers always have insight into our performance. We offer our customers insight into our performance so that we can achieve further improvements together.

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