Fast chargers DC

The fast charger market is experiencing tremendous growth, and the number of charging points will continue to rise in the coming years. The availability of these charging points is crucial from a business perspective. Fast chargers are installed along highways or at our customers' locations. The power that needs to be delivered is substantial, requiring strict adherence to safety standards (knowledge and expertise).

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Rapid response for fast-charging stations

With fast chargers, it is crucial that a failure is responded to quickly, because a failure can have a major impact on customer satisfaction and the profitability of a charging location. We provide our customers with a 24/7 breakdown service.

Modutec assures you of:

  • A certified organization and certified employees
  • A national network and therefore a national reach.
  • A defined service level agreement.
  • A periodic report.
Maintenance & Service by Modutec

Our processes and systems are certified by the prescribed organizations. Our employees are fully educated and trained to meet the quality requirements of our customers.


The equipment and tools meet the legal requirements so that we have optimally guaranteed safety at your locations and our location.

Knowledge & skills

We fully train our employees so that we can optimally fulfill the agreements we have made with our customers.


We report our activities, customers always have insight into our performance. We offer our customers insight into our performance so that we can achieve further improvements together.

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