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Our Services

Better Knowledge, Better Fixes, Better Quality.

We offer technical knowledge and support in the field of charge points for electric vehicles and the associated electrical installations and accessories. Several manufacturers of charge points & services have been our partners since 2010. 

System Failure, Issue & Maintenance Service

Experiencing issues and error when trying to charge your EV or an unexpected failure or power outage in your installation are annoying and could shut down your operations completely with all (financial) consequences. 

We understand quick and reliable service is needed at these times. We have a quick response time and strive to take action within 24 hours after reporting any malfunction. For emergencies and hazardous situations we take immediate action. 

Our focus is to support charge point operators and manufacturers towards the highest up time possible. 

Good maintenance prevents costly failures in your installation and extends its life span. We offer contracts for ad hoc service and/or regular maintenance. All maintenance is carried out by our trained team of specialists. Depending on the maintenance contract, We offer a technical helpdesk which is available 7 days a week. Your installation is in good hands with us.

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Product Improvement

We understand that charge point manufacturers want the least amount of failures possible. Together with our current customers, we report on failures found in the field and make sure that our information is handed over and described for product development teams. 

EU Product Review

Local charge point manufacturers can be one step ahead of international companies. Collaborative we can set up a report which includes an European Market Research of your product as well as advice on installation packages and instructions.


Independent Inspections

Do you depend on contracted installers for the delivery of your products? Do you want to be sure their delivered work complies with your achieved quality? 

Our team can support you with independent and even random executed inspections. 


Installation Test & Insights

An electrical installation is present in almost every building. To prevent hazardous situations, it is very important that an electrical installation meets the applicable norms and requirements. Our team can measure and check an electrical installation using installation testers, power loggers and other special developed techniques.  

With our specific tools we can also measure the energy demand of your installation, at home, business or any other location. For a period of up to 45 days, we install the power logger on your electrical installation to see when energy is being consumed, what your maximum required capacity is and whether there are any sources of leakage or energy waste. At the end of the analysis you will receive a detailed report including:

– An analysis of your maximum energy needs and insight into the distribution per phase.
A report of the harmonic distortion caused by electronic load and an overview of any voltage fluctuations.
An advice regarding mains pollution caused by non-harmonic currents that can damage or disturb your equipment.
Voltage phenomena, as voltage fluctuations in your installation can lead to mallfunctions and interventions on your electrical installation.
Possibly supplemented with an advice for new electrical users to be installed, energy saving measures and adjustments to your capacity tariff.

For larger business locations we offer a more in depth advice.

Do you have an agreement with your network operator for large consumption? Then you have a connection and transport contract. Among other things, this contract specifies how much your contracted power is. If you exceed the maximum contracted power, the grid operator will automatically increase it, resulting in higher monthly costs. With our advice you get insight into your energy demand and we can help you stay within your contracted capacity or even reduce it in order to save costs.

In order to provide the customer with the best possible service, we like to think along in the search for the best suitable solution. In doing so, we’ll act as flexible as possible.